X Factor and The Voice Season Premieres!

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Finally, after much talk and hype the second season of the X Factor has premiered here in The United States and I have to say I am excited with what I have seen. I didn’t watch last season because there was really no need to with American Idol and The Voice feeding my singing competition addiction. In all honesty that addiction was being replaced with The Real Housewives for quite sometime but American Idol had some great vocalists, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, last season that drew me back in but in the end had me throwing a fit because neither took home the top prize. The Voice was bearable last season because of Christina Aguilera’s apparent grudge against  her ex-Mouseketeer cast mate, Tony Lucca, took center stage and made the show incredibly awkward but fun to watch.

So we have X Factor and The Voice going head to head this fall and I’m excited just for the imagined rivalry between Britney and Christina to be ignited once again. It would be great to just see these two hug it out so said rivalry could just go away but where would the fun be in that? With that said, I decided to blog about this season of both shows just because it’s so much fun to see the networks battle it out over the top spot. Which shows will you be watching?


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